Welcome to the 20th EUSUHM Congress in Rotterdam

We have the pleasure of inviting you to the 20th Congress of EUSUHM. The Congress takes place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, on 11-13 September 2019.

The organization of EUSUHM 2019 is a collaboration between the Dutch Youth Health Care Physicians (AJN Jeugdartsen Nederland), the Dutch Youth Health Care Nurses (V&VN Vakgroep Jeugd) and the Erasmus University Medical Center.

The biennial sequence of EUSUHM Congresses started in 1981 in Amsterdam,The Netherlands. This was followed by many other European cities: Dubrovnik, Budapest, Prague, Turku, Leipzig, York, Trondheim, Leiden, Budapest, Ljubljana, Dubrovnik, Tampere, Moscow, London, Tallinn and Leuven. The Congresses have the aim of bringing together professionals providing population-based health care for children and young people, with the emphasis on the relevant setting to their stage of life.

EUSUHM has proven to be a good network for youth health care in Europe. From the start, professionals exchanged ideas and results of research and practical experience. Nowadays EUSUHM thrives, as we saw at the last Congress in Leuven, where so many European participants joined together.

Connecting countries and collaboration between people, is what EUSUHM does. Our goal is to contribute to a healthy, stable and safe life for children and adolescents. We hope to connect with you in Rotterdam!

The 20th EUSUHM Congress:
Changing contexts – Influencing youth and their surroundings

Your ideas, research findings and professional experience will help us to address the challenges concerning youth and their surroundings. Make it happen!

We look forward to welcoming you in Rotterdam.

Yours sincerely,

Drs. Henrique Sachse-Bonhof (Public Health care doctor, specialized in youth), President of Eusuhm
Dr Mascha Kamphuis (Public Health care doctor, specialized in youth), President of the Dutch Association AJN (till November 2018)